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Petrol, founded in 2001, is the world’s most successful first all-digital record company. Petrol represents the new breed of music media companies, more than just great music. The brand represents a lifestyle and worldwide trend, to open our hearts and minds to international influences and global perspectives.
With over 1 million albums sold worldwide and ranks as one of the world’s most successful independent labels on iTunes, with more than 180 #1’s, more than 700 Top 10 positions, and more than 1,600 Top 100’s , Petrol is devoted to bringing you seriously good music.  

In 2006, Petrol were one step ahead of the music world as they became one of the very first independent labels to sign a worldwide major deal with Apple iTunes Music Stores. This was a HUGE success as it enabled Petrol to enjoy unparalleled exposure for an independent label on the fastest growing global music medium.  Petrol achieved Number 1's in 15 countries across the globe and were considered a leader in the digital music world. The Greatest Ever Series compilation albums and catalog flourished on this new platform quenching the thirst for easily accessible world music. 

Petrol is at the forfront of innovation and creation. From 2SM to digital radio (13 stations), an accolade from Bill Gates for creating one of the best music players using the Microsoft software to Petrol being the first independent label to sign a worldwide deal with Apples iTunes, to Number 1's across the globe for "The Greatest Songs Ever" and being nominated for a Grammy.

CM (Chris) Murphy, with Petrol and other multimedia endeavors, received the New South Wales Premier’s Expo Award for Arts & Entertainment in 2009.
Chris was also named Australian Entrepreneur of the Year in 1987 by Business Review Weekly for his achievements with managing international rock band INXS. INXS rejoined Murphy who managed INXS 1980 to 1995 when they signed to Petrol in 2009. Murphy has also been acclaimed for his role in discovering and promoting the hottest new music trends and genres in the world, including Reggaeton. Subsequently, in 2008 Petrol were nominated for a Grammy for the music documentary on Cuban Reggaeton that Petrol discovered in Santiago de Cuba.

Christopher Mark Murphy
Creative Director of Petrol Records International Pty Ltd.
CM Murphy is a musical maverick, visionary, deft at recognizing talent in others, an expert in spotting gaps in markets and by following his hunches, it is inevitable that his endeavors will be at the forefront of emerging digital entertainment trends into the future. 

Cuba and Liberacion

Petrol Presents: 


Cuba: The Greatest Songs Ever 

Cuba 2: The Greatest Songs Ever  

20 minute History Lessons: Cuba: Love and Revolution. 

Children of the Recolucion

Reggaton: The Cuban Revolution 

The Sound of the New Cuban Underground

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Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 8.04.40 pm

Records proudly presents CUBA
In 2006 CM Murphy and a small in the know team traveled to Santiago de Cuba. The cultural and underground music heart of Cuba. CM Murphy was searching for a sound. They sure found it. Reggaeton was discovered. 
Reggaeton is the accumulation of Cuba's rich history and unique culture that inspired the sound and art of the residents of their wildly vivid and contradictory country. CM Murphy was inspired by the raw, authentic and freshness of Cuban underground music and Reggaeton, so he decided to deliver it on a world stage. 

Being the Caribbean’s largest island it houses contradictory sights, scents, and sounds. Yet behind Fidel’s wafting cigar smoke, paint-peeled buildings, mojito's on the beach and weary 1950’s Cadillac’s, drifts the heart and soul of her 3 million people –“Cubana music”. From Havana and Pinar Del Rio to Trinidad and Santiago de Cuba, music is their fuel of pleasure and resilience; a rare moment of pure celebration, sentiment, and joy. This is where travelers discover the real Cuba - confronting, intoxicating and always lingering.   

Through colonization to revolution, Cubans have lived like no other nation in the world and this is reflected in their music. Known for their exotic music and their zeal for life, the Cuban people are a product of influences from all over the world, yet they are a truly unique nation.   Murphy’s unbridled enthusiasm and belief in the world music genre led to the production of a documentary on the street music of Cuba, an adventure that was not without peril. The resultant DVD release, LIBERACION – The Songs of the New Cuban Underground garnered a Grammy nomination in 2008.

The Songs of the New Cuban Underground

The world wide DVD release, LIBERACION – The Songs of the New Cuban Underground garnered a Grammy nomination in 2008. Directed by Reuben Field and produced by Dean Bates. Petrol Records discovers thrilling new music in crumbling Santiago de Cuba. Living halfway between Miami and Jamaica, the poor kids of Santiago blend hip-hop and dancehall sounds into the dynamic new genre of Reggaeton. 

"This is a story about music you were never meant to hear … for years I had wondered what has happened to the sons and daughters oft he great cuban musicians and singers. 


Then in 2002 I was approached by an Australian musician who asked if i was interested in new cuban music.. he told me to go over the world map and that hangs in my office and have a look at Cuba. Down the bottom you will see a little town, Santiago de Cuba Thats where it happens, not in Havana!” CM Murphy

Petrol Presents: 

The Seriously Good Series 

Petrol Presents

Petrol has a strong history of compilation albums. Petrol scoured the globe looking for underground and culture defining tracks. What resulted was an outstanding series of compilation albums: “Greatest Song Ever”, “Greatest Moments Ever”, “Seriously Good Music” and the No. 1 language series “Not Lost in Translation” as well as the new audiobook series “20 Minute History Lessons”.  All albums produced by Petrol Records International reflect a certain culture in a very entertaining, approachable and contemporary way. The design and packaging are based on the Petrol brand identity: authentic, modern and simple.  


The Greatest Songs Ever No 1's:

  • Cuba: No. 1 on the World Music Charts in Germany, Belgium, France, Austria & Netherlands

  • India: No. 1 on the World Music Charts in Italy and Ireland

  • Spain: No. 1 Latin Album Charts in Austria

  • Gypsy Land: No. 1 on the World Music Charts in the Netherlands

  • Brazil: No. 1 in the World Album Charts in France

  • Africa: No. 1 in the World Music Charts in France & UK


Seriously Good Music  No 1's:

  • Cocktail: No. 1 in the overall top 100 Album Charts in Greece, No. 1 in Electronic Album Charts in Greece

  • Salsa: No. 1 on the Latin Album Charts in Germany, Italy, UK, Austria, Ireland and France


Departure Lounge No 1's:

  • World Grooves: No. 1 on the Electronic Album Charts in Denmark, Portugal, Greece and Switzerland


The Greatest Moments Ever No 1's:

  • Classical: No. 1 on the Classical Album Charts in France, Greece, Ireland, Switzerland, USA, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Luxembourg, the Nehterlands, Belgium, Finland and UK

  • Classical 2: No. 1 on the Classical Album Charts in Austria, Italy & Spain

  • Latin: No. 1 on the Latin Album Charts in France, Belgium, Ireland & Austria


20 Minute History Lessons:

  • Vampires - Gods or Demons?

  • Fidel Castro, Dead or Alive

  • The Olympics

  • Nelson Mandela - an Amazing Man

  • Mao, China's Godfather

  • Che Guevara, Hero or Villain?

  • Tiananmen Square, Unknown Rebel


  • English to Spanish: No. 1 in the US

  • English to Italian

  • English to French

  • English to Mandarin (Chinese)

  • English to German

  • English to Japanese

  • German to English

  • German to French

  • Spanish to English

  • Japanese to English

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