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CM Murphy and INXS 

The Chris Murphy / INXS Years -  1980 to 1995

Together CM Murphy and INXS  climbed the mammoth musical mountain and reached the very top of the world. Through persistence, resistance, sheer guts and smart strategy, CM Murphy and INXS sold out stadiums around the world over and over again. This remarkable achievement could not have been accomplished without each other, making them the ultimate team and confidants. 

At the age of 17, CM  Murphy  started to work at his parent's agency, Mark Murphy & Associates. During his time there, he arguably set standards for bands that still exist today in the Australian live scene. At 23,  opening  a  rock  division, SOLO,  CM  Murphy  established  one  of  Australias foremost  agencies  by  taking  on  bands  such  as AC/DC  and  utilizing  his  entrepreneurial  skills  to instigate  what  was  to  become  known  as  the "door  deal", the  first  of  its  kind  in  Australia.    The  door  deal  secured  a percentage  of  the  cover  charge  for  the  band,  increasing average artists profit

CM  Murphy  amalgamated  SOLO  with  the  then  powerful Melbourne   based  company  run  by  Michael  Gudinski - PREMIER and together the Solo Premier Agency went on to become the most powerful agency in Australia, with a roster of bands that included the Angels, Dragon, Skyhooks and Cold Chisel. CM Murphy then returned to the family business, and was appointed  the  agent  for Midnight  Oil,  through  whom  he  spotted  the  young  support  act INXS  in 1979. CM  Murphy  was  so  impressed  with  the  young  band,  he decided to take on their management at a worldwide level, and  escalated  them  to  the  heights  of  the  international music industry.  

" I vowed never to get into management until I met 6 young men with big smiles and a huge amount of talent...INXS” - CM Murphy 

Through Murphys management, the band went on to sell over  40  million  albums,  release  11  albums,  7  long  form videos, receive hundreds of Gold and Platinum albums and singles, achieve Number one positions worldwide, at  both single  and  album  status,  play  thousands  of  shows  from Rocking The Royals in front of Prince Charles and Princess Diana  to  headlining  their  own  show  at  Wembley  Stadium in  front  of  75,000  fans,  win  5  coveted  MTV  American Awards, 2 Grammy nominations, 6 ARIA awards, a Brit Award for Best International Band as well as dozens of other awards in countries as diverse as Brazil and Monaco.

In 1995 CM resigned as the worldwide manager of  INXS. He embarked on a new business journies with Digital One, 2SM and Australian Style. ​

2009 and Beyond

After 15 years apart, Chris Murphy signed INXS to Petrol Records. 2016 will continue to hold some incredible projects and announcement and will continue the story of Chris Murphy and INXS. 
"Original Sin" was their first project released in 2010 and sets about re‐imagining some of  the  band's  most  outstanding  songs  with  some  of  the  worlds  most  outstanding  vocalists. Artist includes John Mayer, Ben Harper and Rob Thomas and Pat Monahan (from Train).  "INXS Greatest Hits: Platinum" Celebrated all of INXS' songs that achieved platinum record sales. The album was a great success achieving chart positions: #1  in Australia, Portugal, Sweden, Belgium, Greece Luxembourg, Ireland, Italy,  Switzerland, Netherlands, and Finland. Top 5 in Norway, Mexico, Germany, Spain, US, UK. This made clear that INXS were still loved and listen to all over the world. 

Released in 2014, the "Live album at Wembley Stadium 91"  Album celebrated the incredible, famous live sound of INXS. In 1991, INXS played to a staggering sold out crowd of 75,000 people. This Album captured the sounds of one of the greatest live bands in the world. 

2009 +

In 2014, "Never Tear Up Apart: The Untold Story of INXS" was released. With more than 2.8 million people tuning in, rave reviews, an Album called "the Very best" and TV Logie awards, the mini-series was a smash it. ​Executivly, produced by CM Muphy and Tim Farriss, they delivered of how INXS reached the top of Rock n Roll.  
Coupling the airing of the Mini-Series, INXS the Very Best was released and sold 5x platinum. It also re-injected INXS' timeless music back into the modern music scene. "The Very Best"  was the Highest selling Album of 2014 outselling the likes of Mega acts such as Pharrell Williams and Katy Perry for the #1 position. 

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